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Then, and only then, he throws a glance at the text. This is not to read syllable to syllable, word for word, or even globally. It otherwise has neither the time nor the desire. What use him this effort?

He walks his distracted eye on such a compact text that is also often unreadable. And based on this rapid vision, it restores the text for convenience. coque iphone xs It reverses or distorts his fancy groups of words, change sentences, extrapolates other. And finally there has no longer has any relation to the real text.

This is unfortunately what play mode which may impose its dominance because the child spends a lot more time than school exercises and give them with much more passion, which is obviously a major cause of influence on the overall reading process. It is against this evil to denounce and counteract that we strive. When we develop our free text, when the child reads the text on the board or print, the audience protested when the original is somewhat distorted.

The student must necessarily effort to combine a true vision of the detail with the synthetic understanding of the whole, which is the general reading process. This normal process is neither Decroly not we who have invented. We brought to school.

Historically the child felt the need to support the analytical reading, syllable by syllable and word for word by a global mechanism without which any reading would be impossible. The child who has learned to read by phonics exclusively and adults who remained thus read as illiterate spelling. To – to – is – con – tent – his – pa – pa – … He recognizes words and signs. He does not read, it decrypts.

He does not try to understand a sentence since both charged into syllables and sounds can have no meaning. And that explains the reactions of the semi-literate who reads his newspaper. – What is it new? Himself being asked. – I do not know …

I read! The two approaches are radically separate home: word recognition, comprehension. The man can not read. All children who have passed that stage, which it never stopped, read in a process that is more or less clever combination of decoding and comprehensive understanding …

This process has also been studied and measured scientifically. The child sets a word to recognize the structure. But obviously this word has meaning only in context.

And it is this context that the child asks. coque iphone xs max The eye hand in recognition, forward the decrypted password. It goes even to the math help services
next line, moves back, moves forward. The player is in exploration.

He will not say the word if the context is restored. Until then, the child hesitates, stammers. coque iphone xr If he ignores or if you press, it will translate the word at random, with serious risk of error, which he also consciousness.

This is because this global effort is essential reading as children – and adults too – easier reads a text he understands, while reluctant, perhaps with the same words if the text for him is unclear. And sometimes you get angry, “but you have already read the word above …” But the word was not in the same context and had not therefore the same figure sensitive.

It also explains that the more the child is intelligent, he has experience, plus it includes faster and better it reads These findings, we repeat, are conventional and well earlier observations Decroly or ours. We simply had neglected to take into account in student learning.

It should therefore not be saying Down with the global method, which is that everywhere and all the time, but in addition the overall scholastic method; above all scholastic methods, dissociating natural phenomena reading, compromise, helped by the rapid invasion of contemporary techniques, learning to read ON, FAST AND CORRECT. 4) KIDS TODAY HAVE A SPELL THAT MUCH MORE DEFECTIVE CHILDREN THERE 20, 30 OR 40 YEARS. coque iphone pas cher AND ADULTS ALSO we would say. It is also indisputable.

We are in our classes to a large majority of children who make a mistake every word agree faults but especially careless mistakes. It is, they say, because they were not taught or forced to watch, and they write as if you mean did not matter. coque iphone 6 – Abandon overall, we are told, and return to the old methods of former authority which, at least, taught spelling. Nay: This indisputable default, we said, is the corollary of the learning error we have denounced.

The child sees the words scroll at a rate that does not allow the careful recognition of their true forms and structure. And, as it reads at random of his imagination, he wrote at random from his pen without the form and spelling can be a little bit related to his own behavior. coque iphone 8 The opposite would be surprising.

It will not help, or not much, to return to an authoritarian method that does not restore the intimate circuits destroyed or falsified. We need to give emotional and human meaning to read and written texts. So these circuits will recover slowly, unless they are permanently blocked. It is this revival we achieve by free text.

But we do more. Free text raises the overall construction already firmly held by the emotional and social pillars. By hunting for words, through the living grammar, we will go up stone by stone and methodically infill walls. This living text that is now on the board in its final form, we will compose and print. That is to say that we are rebuilding letter to letter and word for word the technical structure.

And this reconstruction is neither arbitrary nor free. It is motivated. It is essential in its perfection in the life of the text. The printing does not suffer from errors.

Some mistakes should be corrected. Thus facing the perversion, born under the school, we said, as a medium that knows no actually read and write the noble meticulous craftsman, we will recreate circuits techniques essential life. Successful treatments prove to us that are valid and our remedial practical and theoretical explanations we give.

We get to our school Freinet de Vence, a growing proportion of its students with disabilities appear to us as the result of errors and shortcomings that we have reported. They do not lack intelligence, but they could not overcome the gap that the current circumstances arise between school and life ways of the environment. They could not resist the mismatch that resulted. To live, they settled somehow, sometimes with some success, in the middle school and remained impervious to such schools.

They do not want to work, they can not read, they have a confusing spelling and seems lost forever intellectually and culturally. We catch up with our techniques, more or less quickly depending on the depth of the defects which they are assigned. We restore the circuits and give back an intellectual health motivating writing and reading by the free text, dragging them to the meticulous work and eventually typesetting, etching linoleum and the delicate drawing texts.

We then witness a healing in the speed does vary with individuals. It can wait a year or more, but it comes. The old vices they were accused of children disappear with our natural methods that are in the image of life, at once analytical, syncretic and comprehensive, deep in service behavior of educated beings. 5) IT ALSO PUT FASHION ON ACCOUNT OF THE GLOBAL METHODS OF DYSLEXIA TARES psychologists and educators now consider a new disease they seek in vain the virus.

There dyslexia when, under the influence of disorders of unknown origin, the child makes in his writing inexplicable and persistent abnormalities.